StoneCoat is the innovator of the exclusive “Blown Stone” system which can change almost any vertical surface into true limestone.   Our patented process allows us to blow a layer of pure limestone and then carve it into any rock design including Austin Chalk, river rock, pebble stone, cast stone and many more.  By using natural pigments, we can also color the rock for a true natural look!

The process has been a popular means of resurfacing and revitalizing walls in Europe for decades, but now we are introducing this innovative systems to the Americas.

The History of Stone Coat – While looking for a remodeling solution for his own house, our founder Ken Morrison, discovered a specific type of limestone called hydraulic limestone.  Found only in a few quarries in Europe, this unique limestone can be ground into a powder and later reconstituted into solid limestone and blown onto walls. Because it is light-weight, it can be blown onto almost any surface including brick, cinder block, wood and even sheet rock thereby offering huge advantages over heavier quarried stone. The unique quality of hydraulic limestone is that it does not set immediately which allows our trained applicators to carve and color the wall into virtually any stone design.  Once hardened, it becomes a seamless, breathable wall of pure limestone. Ken quickly realized the potential for this unique product in the building industry and has spent the last 6 years perfecting the product formula and the application process.  Today, Stone Coat is uniquely positioned to become a preferred product in the building industry.

STONECOAT – “Our Mission”

slides-interior14Stone Coat’s mission is to be recognized by builders, remodelers, architects and homeowners as a primary building material of choice in the construction industry by providing a quality, value-added, green alternative stone product.

STONECOAT: Hydraulically Applied Limestone Veneer

what-we2For centuries, man has used limestone as a building material of choice. From the pyramids to today, it has stood the test of time.

Originally developed in Europe to restore old historic buildings, Stone Coat is a proprietary blend of limestone, other natural stone materials and minerals specifically designed to be applied over almost any surface. It is a perfect remodeling solution for existing buildings and homes and is ideal for new construction, hotels, restaurants, state highways, municipal projects, and many other residential and commercial applications. StoneCoats is gaining more and more awareness in the United States building and remodeling industry because of its unlimited application and creativity opportunities as well as cost savings. StoneCoat’s proprietary mix can be used in almost any remodeling or new construction opportunity.

The History of Limestone – The story of limestone as a building material goes back thousands of years with monuments such as the pyramids, Sphynx and the Parthenon, all made primarily of limestone.  However, in the early 1800s Portland cement was invented and replaced limestone primarily because it was cheaper and more readily available.  With the closing down of quarries, limestone became more difficult to find and more expensive to acquire.  However, Limestone has remained a much sought-after building material signifying strength and elegance for residential and commercial construction.


Stone Coat can:

  • Reduce construction time since it can be applied quicker than cut stone or stone veneer
  • Reduce site cleanup since there is no rubble pile
  • Eliminate the need for a traditional brick ledge since it only weighs 6 pounds per square foot and is self-supporting.
  • Offer more versatility and creativity to any interior or exterior project.